Addiction Recovery

Addiction comes in many forms: prescription & street drugs, buying too much, pornography, gambling, and on the list goes.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step. We hope that happens before there is a legal issue, but even if there is a legal issue, we can help.

If you sorta, kinda, maybe think you have a problem, you are on the right path, we can help.

Depending on the addiction, it may be a disease, or it may be combination of a disease and behavior. We address both issues. We understand, “You just can’t say NO.”

The advanced treatment we offer is not found in many clinics.  Our treatment is a combination of talking and tuning up your brain to reduce the “wanting and desiring” to follow your addiction.

When a drug of any kind is taken, it changes the chemistry in the brain—we feel the drug working, because of the effects. What is not usually understood … is the “electricity” in the brain is also changed after taking a drug.

Addiction in the brain follows a pattern we understand. The normal pathways in the brain are hijacked and disrupted allowing the addiction pattern to flourish.

When we tune up the brain, we start with a QEEG, or “brain map” for short. This map shows us exactly what is happening in the brain.

To tune up the brain, we place a cap on the head with 22 sensors. With special equipment, we can record the signals from the brain and analyze them. Then the “brain-training” starts. You watch a DVD on a big screen, the screen flickers. This changes the unregulated pattern into a regulated, good functioning pattern.

What does this feedback do?  RELIEF! COMFORT! FEELING GOOD about your-self again.

As the training progresses, there is a relaxed state that emerges. There is no longer the urge or craving to take something, drink something, go somewhere and buy, or watch something.

Many of our clients say several of the following things happen after several training sessions:

  • Improved Attention
  • Learning improves
  • Insight increases
  • Increased Present Awareness
  • Improved mental Abilities
  • Reducing Cravings and Addicting Behaviors
  • Reducing Risk Taking
  • Depression and Anxiety decrease

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