Improve all areas of your life by improving your brain health
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    Decrease addiction, anxiety and depression without the need for medication while increasing your confidence. Learn More
  • Reduce Anxiety.
Improve Focus.
Beat Depression.
    Reduce Anxiety. Improve Focus. Beat Depression.
    Take control of your life today with Neurofeedback, the most effective treatment available and no negative side effects Learn More

Dr. Bright's knowledge of the brain and what it needs to heal made for life changing improvements in my son's quest for independence. Through his dedication and caring he built a strong connection with my son to make way for positive healing.

   Linda K.

Brain Science Center - Grant Bright PhD

At Brain Science Center, we help individuals, families and couples across North Georgia improve their lives through a brain-based, drug-free approach to counseling and therapy. Our primary method to treating your addiction, anxiety, distractibility or depression symptoms is to understand the brain better through a process called Neurofeedback.

Our licensed counselor trained in psychology, Dr. Grant Bright, helps provide our clients real answers and strives to address the struggles causing stress and lack of focus. We are dedicated to seeing our patients get better so that they can experience a long-lasting, life-transformation.